Stay On The Math Path
Grade Level: 3rd & 4th
Fee: $8/ Student    $3/ Chaperones

Note: One (1) Teacher and one (1) Teacher's  Assistant per class are free of charge
Duration: 2 Hours (not able to be combined with other trips)
This program reinforces and connects math theory with relevant hand-on experiences, offering students a fun, creative review of previously learned math skills. An online teacher's manual (which can be downloaded) describes pre-visit, during visit, and post visit activities, which need to be completed in full for the program to be successful. All activities provided in the manual are keyed to the Common Core Curriculum.
All "Stay On The Math Path" field trips must be scheduled in advance and require a minimum number of 20 children participating.
To download curriculum guide please click hereStay On The Math Path Guide
For more information to schedule your field trip, please contact the CMA at 337.232.8500
What teachers are saying about the LEAP Into Math at the CMA...
"Direct relation to our math content with the hands on activities was AWESOME!"
"I love how each of the activities completely engaged the students and it was driven by common core."
"The hands-on experiences and connection to real life learning is so beneficial and motivating for my students!"
"Excellent program and a fun day for all! Loved the rigor and the real - world comparisons."



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