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Thank you for stopping by! What grade level do you teach?
  Pre-K- Kindergarten
  Other Grade Level   

Have you visited us before? If so how often do you visit in a year?
  I have not been able to visit yet!
  1 visit
  2 visits
  3 visits
  4+ visits

If you have visited us, how would you grade your museum experience
  We excelled in serving your needs from pre-visit to post-visit & you will be returning soon!
  Your experience here was better than other field trips and you will come again.
  Your experience was on average with other field trips and you are considering coming back.
  Your experience was unsatisfactory and you will not be returning.

When is the most convenient time of year for you to visit?
  August- October

What subjects would you like to see special field trips developed around?
  Language Arts/Reading
  History/Social Studies

How can we make your CMA experience better?
  Offer more field trip opportunities
  Develop teacher curriculums
  Offer more personal interactions with museum staff
  Offer more in-classroom museum experiences
  Nothing! I love the CMA!
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